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Water Quality Sensors

Solids from Inflow to Outflow and Insights

DOM Sources Variability and Insights

Monitoring Passaunas Reservoir Water Quality

Satellite Remote Sensing for Reservoir Catchment Monitoring

UAS System to Ensure Continuous Monitoring of Basic Water Parameters

Modeling Stratification and Density Currents

3D Numerical Modelling of Suspended Sediment Transport in the Passauna Reservoir

Using Hydrological Models to Plan and Manage Reservoirs with Respect to Water Quantity

LARSIM Water Balance Modek for the Passauna Catchment and Reservoir

Modelling Sediment Input from Passauna Catchment

Sedimentation in Passauna Reservoir

Monitoring Sediment and Phosphorous Flux using composite Sampling

Assessment of Sedimentation for Reservoirs

Hydro Acoustic Storage Volume Assessment


Combining remote sensing and in-situ data for water body monitoring

Integration zeitlich hochauflösender Fernerkundungsdaten in das Sensor Web


UFPR Overview of the project results in Brazil: Multidisciplinary Data Acquisition as Key for a Globally Applicable Water Resource Management

Project Documentation Movie