Published Article on GRoW (Water as a global Resource) in the May 2019 edition of “KW Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft”


The May 2019 edition on general water management issues (KW Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft) contains a publication on “Water as a global resource” written by members of the GRoWnet team.

The article briefly discusses the global challenges we face and the necessity for sustainable water management as it explains GRoW and the network lying behind it. Also, it informs the public on the GRoW mid-term conference of last February, where the twelve joint research projects presented their interim results.  

The article describes the GRoW projects, as well as the GRoWcross-cutting topics and what they have achieved so far. It also mentions the five thematic breakout sessions, during which experts from international water research, policy and management practice provided valuable inputs on opportunities for implementing SDG 6 e.g. through digitalisation, improving water quality, water-use efficiency or making use of concepts such as the water footprint. Other sessions focussed on the GRoW transfer regions Africa and Latin America – all aiming to identify challenges and opportunities for the transfer of GRoW results into practice. The article emphasizes that GRoW implementation partners and the external experts who attended the conference all valued the scientific exchange on methods and technologies and the opportunities provided to reflect on how to transfer research results into practice.

This article gives a good overview of the progress GRoW has made so far. Further information on the article "Water as a global resource" can be found here with kind permission of "KW Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft".