GRoW Brochure: Highlights & Results

New Tools and Analyses for the Management of Water as a Global Resource (GRoW), published in May 2021

Technical Brief #1: Reservoir and Surface Water Management: Water Quality and Sediment (German)

Technical summary of GRoW products addressing reservoir and surface water management, published September 2021

Technical Brief #2: Using Remote Sensing for efficient Water Management in Agriculture

Technical summary of GRoW products utilizing remote sensing data for efficient water management in agriculture, published November 2021

Technical Brief #3: New Tools for Groundwater Management (German)

Technical summary of GRoW products addressing groundwater management, published January 2022


Technical Brief #4: Addressing conflicting goals in water management: New tools for improved governance

Technical summary of GRoW products addressing water governance, published March 2022


Proceedings of the GRoW final conference

GRoW final conference in Berlin on 20-21 October 2020. Ziel der GRoW final conference was to present and discuss key results and final products of the 12 joint projects and the cross-cutting topics.

Proceedings of the GRoW mid-term conference 

Mid-term conference in Frankfurt am Main of 20-21 February 2019. The aim of the GRoW mid-term conference was to present the interim results of the 12 projects and the cross-cutting topics.


Proceedings of the kick-off conference

Short presentations of the joint research projects of the BMBF funding measure GRoW during the kick-off event held in Karlsruhe on 12 and 13 September 2017.


Project sheets on the BMBF funding measure GRoW

Short presentations of the GRoW joint research projects incl. contact persons